B  The RIGHT to be treated with consideration and respect by agency staff;

B  The RIGHT to a supportive relationship from the agency;

B  The RIGHT to receive reimbursement for the children in their care in a timely manner;

B   The RIGHT to be trained in the role as members of a team;

B   The RIGHT to give input into the decisions regarding the child in their care and to be treated as a member of the team in developing case plans for the child;

B   The RIGHT to a clear explanation or description of their role as foster parents and the role of the child's family and the agency;

B  The RIGHT to receive pertinent information about the children in their care;

B   The RIGHT to be informed of anygrievance procedures or access to any appeals process should they wish to appeal the agency's policy, regulation, or plan for a child in their care;

B   The RIGHT to continue their own family patterns and traditions;

B  The RIGHT to refuse to accept a child into their family if they feel they cannot meet the needs of the child or the placement will affect the well-being of the foster family;

B  The RIGHT to be notified of any Court Action, Administrative Review, or Foster Care Citizen Review Board Hearing concerning a child in their care. Per Statue; the Judge makes the decision regarding a foster parent attending a court hearing;

B  The RIGHT to be included in the permanency consideration for the child who is in the foster family's care;

B  The RIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY to advocate for children in their care;

B   The RESPONSIBILITY for the day-to-day care and nurturance of the child;

B  The RESPONSIBILITY for keeping the agency informed of any changes in the child's life and in the foster parent's household;

B  The RESPONSIBILITY to respect a child's biological family, traditions, culture and values;

B   The RESPONSIBILITY to gain further knowledge and expertise regarding the care of the children by attending on-going foster parent training;

B  The RESPONSIBILITY to work cooperatively with agency staff as members of the child's team; and

B   The RESPONSIBILITY to ensure a child's health and safety needs are met.

Meeting the special needs of children in foster care